Associations between c-reactive protein, coronary artery Calcium, and cardiovascular events: implications for the Jupiter population from mesa, a population-based cohort study

This study sought to establish whether Coronary Calcification assessment could identify a subgroup of patients eligible for JUPITER who would be expected to derive the most or the least benefit from statin treatment. It found that Coronary Calcification assessment seems to further stratify risk in patients who meet eligibility criteria for JUPITER, and might be used to target a subgroup of patients expected to derive the most and the least absolute benefit from treatment. Focusing of treatment on the subset of individuals with low LDL cholesterol with measurable atherosclerosis might represent a more appropriate allocation of resources, reduce overall health-care cost, and prevent the occurrence of a similar number of events.
Blaha, M.J., Budoff, M.J., DeFilippis, A.P., Blankstein, R., Rivera, J.J., Agatston, A., O’Leary, D.H., Lima, J., Blumenthal, R.S., Nasir, K. (2011)
Lancet 2011; 378: 684–92

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